Brüderla (BroBier)

Obstmarkt 1
96047 Bamberg

Tel: 0951 91416226

Bamberg station 2km

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday 16:00 to 23:00
Friday 16:00 to 1:00
Saturday 11:00 to 1:00
Sunday 10:30 to 22:00

BroBier is a two man operation brewing at the Reckendorfer Schlossbrauerei, more info in the link. This is their pub/restaurant in the much coveted Obstmarkt location. It’s a nice old building updated tastefully and certainly has a primo outside seating area to people watch. I did sit outside initially but a huge thunderstorm rolled in and I sought refuge inside, which was cozy and quite busy too.

 not hiding their Reckendorf roots

Though I came largely to sample their Vollbier on tap, as I’d liked it in bottled form, I started with their Helles wrongly assuming it would be maltier. I liked the beer coasters with Brüderla on one side and BroBier with Reckendorf connection well-delineated.

 cozy interior, Vollbier and Keller Pils

Once inside, I got the Vollbier which would have definitely been better received if I’d had it before the quite hoppy Helles. I passed on the Rotbier this time around as that would have likely been another malty beer but will try next time. I finished up with their Keller Pils, the then current specialty beer. Unfortunately, my server brought me the Reckendorfer Kellerbier and I had to send it back. Surprisingly, there was no issue with this as might be the case in a more traditional pub with an older server. Be advised that they have a few Reckendorfer beers on tap to compliment the ones by BroBier as the latter brews at their facility. It’s a place in town to try them if interested but you will see them fairly commonly anyway. If you are here for to try BroBier, it’s obvious which are which on their well-documented menu.

certainly some different options

I’d already had lunch but most everyone inside was eating and along with the usual suspects, they had some vegetarian and vegan option. I found the latter funny as they were Curry Wurst and Leberkäse but to each their own. They also had some student specials and I can imagine they attract a younger crowd in the evenings as it is open later than many of the “regular” brewery pubs. I don’t think it will become part of my regular rotation but I’d stop in for the occasional specialty beer though I don’t think I’m trying the vegan Curry Wurst! On searching out some photos of their food, I see quite a few things which are surely daily specials so perhaps eating here is in order. Tandoori octopus sounds pretty good.

Beers: BroBier Vollbier, BroBier Helles, BroBier Rotbier, Reckendorfer Kellerbier, Reckendorfer Pils plus one specialty beer, all on tap.

Beer calendar:
Keller Pils/Zwickel

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