Bruckberg is a small village about 10 kilometers northeast of Ansbach with fairly regular buses plying that route. There is a small castle in the village and I was hoping for it to be on a high enough hill to get a glimpse of it but that was not to be. There were a couple interesting buildings in that direction and with the autumn foliage surrounding them, they made for a good backdrop to the otherwise unremarkable home to the pretty remarkable Dorn-Bräu. That’s obviously the reason to pay a visit anyway.


Markgrafenstraße 3
91590 Bruckberg
Tel: 09824 326

Ansbach station 11km

Opening hours:
Monday from 10:00 to 14:00
Tuesday from 10:00 to 23:00
closed Wednesday, Thursday & the last weekend of each month
Friday to Sunday from 10:00 to 23:00 (food all day except Sunday, a pause 14-17:00)

Output: 5000 HL

Founded in 1766 and very much a family run place ever since. The pub is cozy and they feature a good size menu of both hot and cold items every day. The friendly opening hours and fairly regular bus service make a visit easy enough without a car and with a range of good beers to try, it’s best to leave the car at home. My first visit was a grand success.

the cozy pub of Dorn-Bräu

I started off with their Vollbier, a robust Helles and opted for the Bierbrauerschnitzel which came with a nice salad. They had quite a few things that sounded good but that’s a good thing for a return visit.

starting off with something light

I’d been burned a few times ordering a Pils but decided I liked the Spalter hops used in the Vollbier enough to give this one a try and was happy with my choice. The sauce on the Schnitzel was tasty and it was a fine piece of pork too.

Bierbrauerschnitzel & Pils

I finally got around to their Export Dunkel and a magnificent one it was too. I noticed they had Apfelküchle on the menu and had a second Export rather than try their Weißbier. I’ll have to return in a warmer month and have that outside.

nicely paired Dunkles Export & Apfelküchle

It was a great first visit, about the only thing missing was their reportedly amazing Bock. That will be out in November and if COVID-19 doesn’t close things down by then, I think I will head back up for it. I’m sure it will go ever better with the Apfelküchle!

Beers: Vollbier Hell, Export Dunkel, Pils, Gambrinus Weißbier all on tap.

Beer calendar:
Bockbierfest 2nd weekend after Fat Tuesday

Narren-Weiße during Lent
Brauereifest 1st weekend in August
Kirchweich 1st weekend in September
Fischschmaus 1st weekend in November
Doppel-Bock from November through March

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