Brauereiausschank zum Löwen

Mauerstr. 17
74523 Schwäbisch Hall
Tel: 0791 2041622

Schwäbisch Hall Station 500m

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday 11:30 to 14:30 & 17:30 to 22:00
Friday 11:30 to 14:30 & 17:30 to 23:00
Saturday & Sunday 9:00 to 23:00 (breakfast until 11:30)

The Löwenbrauerei dates back to 1724 and has remained in the same family since its inception but moved to Zum Löwen only after the Wilde Mann Inn burned down in 1851. The family built the then new Inn and brewery in its prime waterfront location. In 1903, the “brick castle” brewery was built behind it and was in operation producing the Haller Löwenbräu range until 1987, when it moved to the current much larger brewery just outside the old town gates. The gorgeous old structure now houses the upscale Sudhaus, a multi-faceted brewpub.

the former Löwenbraerei & current Sudhaus

Zum Löwen is a cozy traditional Inn with old world charm and modern flair. Brewery memorabilia line the walls and views across the river are timeless. I stopped for lunch and was happy to find their beers served in small .3L logo glasses as well as the traditional .5L ones as I had a limited time and wanted to sample them all. I started off with their refreshing Hefeweizen, perfect after my hot stroll around the stunning old town.

  the view from my window, cozy pub & Hefeweizen

I moved onto their seasonal Mohrenköpfle, brewed with three malts and left unfiltered. It’s a beer I might have skipped if not for the small pours and wound up liking it. Despite lots of great options on the regular menu, I opted for the veal steak with green beans and wedge potatoes. It was pricey at 21€ but excellent quality.

 seasonal Mohrenkop & Kalbsteak

I got a full pour of the Meistergold, which turned out to be a very nice balanced Helles, to finish off my meal and I found myself wishing I’d allotted a night in Schwäbisch Hall.

a very tasty Meistergold

I finished off with a comparison of their Edelpils and Zwickelbier. Both were quite good and the barman confirmed my suspicion that the Zwickelbier was an unfiltered version of their popular Pils. These two came in default .3L pours but I would have preferred at least the Zwickelbier in a full pint size one. So, I got a second but skipped dessert, even though they had my favorite Apfelküchle.

two tasty versions of the same beer

While I might not have come here as a pure beer destination, I’m glad the draw of Schwäbisch Hall brought me to this fine brewery tap. I enjoyed all of the beers and the meal was excellent. I’ll not hesitate to return again. My wife is happy I scouted both the town and brewery out. She loves Apfelküchle even more than I do.

Beers: Zwickelbier, Meistergold, Edelpils, Hefeweizen on tap.

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Mohrenköple Hefeweizen

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