Brauerei Eichhorn

Serlbacher Straße 10
91301 Forchheim
Tel: 09191-727920

Opening times:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:30-11:00
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 8.30 to 2:00 PM
Closed Sunday

Forchheim Station 950 meters

Output: 1700 HL

Founded in 1783 by yet another Greif family, there was a third brewery at the time with the name already in town so they decided on the name Eichhorn and named their beers accordingly.  This is the nicest of the Forchheim brewpubs with the most varied food menu but most feel the beers are not up to par with the other three.  I had an enjoyable meal here in 2003 but have never returned. I need to go back and see how things are going and to try their beer again. I remember liking the Vollbier Dunkle, nicely called Achhörnla. Tried to stop in November 2019 on a Monday afternoon only to find it unexpectedly closed.

Beers: Vollbier Hell, Vollbier Braun (Achhörnla), Edel-Pils, Leichtbier, Festbier.

Beer calendar:
Annafestbier from June to August
Winterfestbier from November to January
Annafest from the Saturday before July 26th

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