Brauerei Eichhorn

half-timbered brewpub
Serlbacher Straße 10
91301 Forchheim
Tel: 09191-727920

Opening times:
Monday 12:00-2:00 (pm)
Thursday & Friday from 2:00
Saturday from 12:00-2:00 (pm)
Sunday from 10:00

Forchheim Station 950 meters

Output: 1700 HL

Founded in 1783 by one of many Greif families of the time, there were already three breweries in town at the time with the name. So, they decided on Eichhorn and named their beers accordingly.  This is the nicest of the Forchheim brewpubs with the most varied food menu but many feel the beers are not up to par with the other three.  I had an enjoyable meal here in 2003 but had not returned until recently.

Eichhorn Vollbier Hell & their cozy pub, unchanged after nearly 20 years

I finally made it back after a thwarted attempt in the fall of 2019 when I stopped by to find it close despite it being open by their hours.  When I did return, it was the day of its reopening after COVID-19 restrictions so it was very empty.  I only had time for a beer especially after she explained it would take a some time to make the homemade fresh dumplings that would come with my meal.  Since it was unsure how busy they’d be, the owner explained only the Vollbier Hell was on tap so I got one of those. It took some time to pour but it was perfectly done, no gas bubbles to be seen and a very tasty beer as well. I told her I’d come back with my wife for dinner. I knew someone who poured a beer with such care would likely do the same with her food.

Eichhorn’s secret garden & an amazing Roulade

The woman wasn’t sure how long she’s be open but I returned that evening with my wife, who’d just arrived. Unfortunately, it was already closed but we did go out last day in town for lunch. It was too nice to sit inside and though I’d seen they had some outside seating, it didn’t look very atmospheric from my one glance at it. We were elated when the owner ushered us over to a very pretty leafy Biergarten. We were even happier to see Roulade on the menu.  Though Schäuferla is Eichhorn’s signature dish, we’d had it a day earlier and it’s a big meal unless you’re very hungry. This was perfect and perfectly done. I got the Achhörnla (dialect for squirrel) even though it was in the bottle and it was excellent too. My wife opted for the Helles and quite liked its hoppy palate. I’m sure we’ll return again and much more quickly then before visits the last time.

Beers: Vollbier Hell, Vollbier Braun (Achhörnla), Edel-Pils, Leichtbier, Festbier.

Beer calendar:
Annafestbier from June to August
Winterfestbier from November to January
Annafest from the Saturday before July 26th

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