Eichhorn Vollbier Hell

Eichhorn Vollbier Hell in both glass & logo mug

Brewery: Eichhorn
white, rocky
faint hops, some grain
full, low carbonation
dry, fruity, hoppy
Finish: clean, bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: This was my first time back in the timeless old pub in many years and it hadn’t changed a bit. The first time in I had their Achhörnla, a dark Vollbier and it wasn’t on tap this time around so opted for what the owner called a Helles. Well, this was one tasty Vollbier. It took awhile to pour but it came out with the most gorgeous head and nary a bubble in the deep golden body. The low carbonation gave it a soft feel like you’d expect from a gravity beer but it was from a regular tap. It was quite dry with a nice fruity element and ample hopping for a bitter finish. A few days later, I got the dark beer again and it came in a nice logo mug. I asked for the Hell in the same glass and the server said it wasn’t the right glass but she’d do it. It came out very gassy. I guess it was a more narrow vessel and it seemed poured less carefully. You can see the bubbles in the glass above. Once it settled down, it tasted the same but the first few sips weren’t nearly as good. So, go with the local know. Any any rate, I’d have to stay it stands up to the other beers in town quite well.

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