Brauerei Dinkel

half-timbered building
Brauerei Dinkel
Am Dorfbrunnen 19

96231 Bad Staffelstein (Stublang)
Tel: 0170/307 32 81

Bad Staffelstein train station 6 km

Opening hours:
Daily 9:00 to 6:00
Closed on Sunday

Output: 500 hl

Founded in 1880, Dinkel has gone through a few incarnations but remains a traditional affair. This is the location of the original restaurant and was closed for a number of years aside from being the actual site of the brewery. The larger and busier facility (Gasthof Dinkel) on the edge of town does not brew on the premises but was the only place to visit until recently.

the lovely Biegarten courtyard of Brauerei Dinkel

I happened upon this quite by accident. I’d been to the large guesthouse but always admired the old half-timbered building in the center. I as surprised to see some activity on the premises and went in to investigate to find out that the two Dinkel brothers had decided to have two facilities. The original had grown too small years ago but the brewing continued there so why not serve beer in the courtyard? They are basically open the same hours but according to the weather and of course, how busy it is. It’s probably safest to go on a sunny Saturday.  There is no food unless there is a special event. Consult their website for these and from the photos, it looks like a great time to visit.

they sell beer to go in a variety of formats and you can enjoy a beer on tap too

Younger brother Hubert and his wife run the brewery and Biergarten and are quite friendly. They sell beer to go in bottles and small kegs. Generally, the beer on tap comes in a ceramic mug but I asked for one in a glass to I could check out the color and as happily obliged. I noticed he was drinking from a glass, probably due to it being lighter to hold and it being a cloudy day. I recently picked up a bottle of their lovely Keller Pils, Hausmadä Pils.

I look forward to returning for one of their events and if in Stublang, stop by for the most atmospheric beer in town. It’s tough to beat the shady tree surrounded by the old half-timbered brewery.

Beers on tap: Dunkles Lagerbier, rotating seasonal (Roggenbier, Bockbier, occasional Roggenbock).

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