Brauerei Dinkel

Frauendorfer Straße 18
96231 Bad Staffelstei
Tel: 09573 64 24
Bad Staffelstein Station 6 km
Opening hours:
Closed Wednesday
Thursday to Tuesday 10:00 to 11:00
Output: 500 HL
Founded in 1880, the Dinkel family still runs a tight ship with a full pension, full service restaurant and brewery. The latter makes one fine Dunkles, as well. I have been here a few times and even spent the night once and found everything great.  The room was great value and the food and beer, even better.  Unfortunately, I’ve not been back in quite a few years and need to go back to not only take some photos but also to try their Bock, which I’m sure is another winner.
Beers: Dunkles Lagerbier
Beer calendar:
Roggenbier from May to November
Bock from November
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