Ahörnla Braugastatte

pub exterior

Obere Sandstr. 24
96049 Bamberg

www.ahoernla.de (restaurant/pub)
www.ahoernlabraeu.de (brewery)

Bamberg station 2km

Opening hours:
Monday 18:00-00:00
Tuesday & Wednesday 12:00 to 00:00
Thursday & Friday 12:00 to 01:00
Saturday 18:00 to 01:00
Sunday closed

Output: ?? HL

The location where the current Ahörnla Braugastatte stands has a very long and storied past, reaching back to 1366 according to their website. Though it wasn’t always a brewery, it appears from records a series of brewers and bakers called it home. The popular inn went through a not untypical wartime closure in 1944 but resumed in 1950 only to lose its brewery designation in 1961 when brewing moved elsewhere. It continued as a popular enough restaurant and later went through a series of owners and guises before becoming vacant in 2007. It sadly went into disrepair.

renovated but retaining a traditional air

Thankfully in 2013, new owners stepped in and completely renovated the old decaying building on Sandstrasse to its former glory and opened as a restaurant by the end of the same year. They initially had a brand beer contract-brewed for them by Mahrs-Bräu but as of 2021, they’ve started brewing in an adjacent building, reportedly according to old recipes.

 the new Ahörnla beers roll out in 2021

I’d stopped in for a nightcap in 2019 and found the garish red interior lighting a bit over the top. The then Mahrs-Bräu beer was okay but nothing to particularly seek out in a brewery rich town like Bamberg. I wrote it off as a one-time stop but when I heard they’d started brewing themselves, I figured I would give it another shot. I stopped in late afternoon and sat outside, enjoying the experience much more. Even so, the interior looked nicer in natural lighting. I tried both the Ahörnla Lagerbier and Sand Hell and found them both well-made enough if lacking any particular character. If your time in town is tight, I don’t think it’s a must visit place but if you’ve got the time, it’s worth checking out and having a beer. Personally, I’d go for the Lagerbier, a serviceable Rotbier.

Ahörnla aBils & Bockbier

Stopped in for a very quick Pils on my way to the train station. ABils is a Pils in dialect and that is what this is. I initially thought it was better than the other two regular beers but after half a pint, I decided to leave it and get to the station in time to pick up my wife. Yes, she’s worth it and no, this beer wasn’t. I also stopped in in November to sample their Bockbier and this one fared much better. I’d say it’s been my favorite so far.

Beers: Ahörnla Lagerbier, Sand Hell, aBils

Beer calendar:
Bockbier in autumn

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