Braugasse 1/Hauptstrasse 12
92670 Windischeschenbach
Telefon: +49 96 81  12 41

 Opening hours:
Friday to Sunday from 11:30
(check their website for open weekends)

The home at Braugasse 1 was bestowed brewing rights in a time when much brewing was home-brewing. The communal brewery in town was built after the initial culture of Zoigl already existed but it has become a symbol of what it means in today’s world. The Echte Zoigl group requires that you brew in the communal brewery to be a member. The Forster family inherited the property at Braugasse 1 and installed a small brewing kit which is fire-powered and abide from all “rules” of Zoigl culture, including being open on limited weekends.

a bustling homey feel & very tasty Zoigl

I had generally not sought to visit Wolframs in the past as it wasn’t part of the Echte Zoigl group but to be honest, I don’t think I was there when it was open until recently. My Zoigl tour group had done a tour of the communal brewery in Windischeschenbach with local guide Ferdl. He’s lived in town for his whole life and at 73, he knows the culture about as well as anyone, having worked at breweries when he was younger. He told us that brewing rights are bestowed on houses, not people and that if someone buys a house with brewing rights, they inherit them. So, we decided to check it out and it was very bustling. Locals seem to treat it like the other Stuben in town. Most were eating and the food looked good. The Zoigl was very good as well. I’d not hesitate to return and while I wouldn’t base a trip round their being open if a first time visitor, I would certainly recommend it if you are in town and it’s open.

Beer: Wolframstubn Zoigl

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