Bahler Zoigl

golden beer in mug

Bahler Zoigl

Brewery: Bahler
Town: Neuhaus
Color: deep golden
, lightly filtered
white, creamy
grain, malt
soft, low carbonation
Palate: prominent grain, malty, hoppy

Finish: long, dry, bitter

Served: from the tank at the brewery

Impression:  This was the the first Zoigl after the long 14k hike from Falkenberg through the amazing Waldnaaptal Nature Reserve and a beauty it was. It was surprisingly clear for a Zoigl and quite light in color. Though primarily a malty brew, it didn’t lack for hops in the the dry bitter finish. While not typical of the style, much like the other Neuhaus Zoigl I have had the pleasure to try, it’s more hoppy than most from its twin town Windischeschenbach.

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