Karoo Brewing The Jackal

The Jackal

Brewery: Karoo Brewing
Color: lightly filtered deep amber

Head: off-white, rocky, ample
Nose: floral hops

medium, medium carbonation
Palate: great balance,
rich malt, fine citrusy hops
Finish: clean, dryish, slightly bitter

Served: from a bottle at
Tindlovu restaurant at Letaba Rest Camp in Kruger

Impression:  This was my second craft beer and was expecting it even less than the first. We were in Kruger and made a stop at a Letaba Rest Camp for the views as well as to check out the Elephant Museum there. We were hungry and decided to have lunch at the Tindlovu restaurant and were quite happy they had a couple local dishes on the menu. I was even happier they had three craft beers to choose from, all from an unknown to me at the time Karoo Brewing. I only had time for one and chose standard IPA and loved the bottle on it being presented.  It was a gorgeous pour with a fantastic head and lovely aroma.  It tasted every bit as good and went super well with the spicy stew I had.  I was immediately unhappy to not be staying at this camp and didn’t realize, it wasn’t a standard place at all the camps.  Needless to say, I was on the lookout for any beer from Karoo Brewing from then on!  Thankfully, I found them at some of the camp stores, but not many.

How about another South African craft beer?

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