Paulaner Salvator

Paulaner Salvator

Brewery: Paulaner
Town: Munich

deep amber, lightly filtered
tan, creamy, fading
malty but a hint of hops
full-bodied, low carbonation
a big malty flavor, fair hopping, quite dry for strength
Finish: dry and bitter

Served: on tap at Starkbierfestival in Munich

Impression: I’ve always found this to be much better on tap than from a bottle and in the early days of my going to the Starkbierfest, it was served gravity dispense from huge wooden barrels.  This is sadly no longer the case but it’s still a magical beer. What strikes you right away is how easy it goes down for how strong it is. It’s unmistakably malty and full-bodied but the ample hops used achieves an amazing dryness in the finish.

How about a Weizenbock?

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