Zum Einhornskeller

Jakobsberg 8
96049 Bamberg
Tel: 0951/180 86 83

Bamberg station 2.5km

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday from 17:00 to 22:00
Sunday from 11:00 to 14:00 & from 17:00 to 22:00

The Einhornskeller has the distinction of being Bamberg’s oldest Bierkeller, dating back to 1489. While the resurrected Brauerei Einhorn (Ahörnla) on Sandstraße is not connected, this was the Keller of the original brewery which ceased brewing in 1944 after over 600 years of brewing in some capacity. Despite the severance, it remains a popular restaurant.

 charming little Biergarten out back

We arrived via the rear of the building and I have to admit to some disappointment even if the Biergarten looked cozy enough. I went out front to snap a photo and was reassured by the half-timbered exterior. That said, the interior was remodeled with no thought about preserving what must have been a pretty historic set of rooms at one point. In a town with Schlenkerla, Spezial and Mahrs, they didn’t have much foresight when modernizing it. Thankfully, it was a warm evening and we lucked out with a table outside. While the Keller was previously free of any ties and had a variety of breweries’ beers, they now appear to be under the control of Fäßla by the looks of their umbrellas and beer line-up. I was happy to see a house Einhorn Kellerbier but was unsurprised to find it is also brewed by Fäßla for them.

 something different for dinner

Not that I am not a fan of Fäßla but I had anticipated a wider range of beers. That said, they do have their Zwergla on tap and this Einhorn Kellerbier turned out to be quite good. They have an eclectic menu featuring some standbys with a twist like pulled pork with Bratkartoffeln. Evidently the menu changes regularly but they seem to try to feature something for everybody. We both enjoyed our food and the beer so I imagine we’ll return. I don’t however see us going in winter. There are far more cozy places to escape the cold.

Beers: Einhorn KellerbierFäßla Gold-Pils, Fäßla Zwergla all on tap. Bottled Fäßla Weizla.

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