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Though Windischeschenbach has the longest history of the five Zoigl towns dating back to a mission created in 950 by the St. Emmeram’s monks of Regensburg, it lacks the scenic wonders of both Falkenberg and Neuhaus.  A market town since 1605, it still remains the most tourist friendly and accessible via public transportation.  Since sister town Neuhaus is a short if steep walk away, it can share in the sights there and also acts as a gateway town to the Waldnaabtal Nature Reserve, a gushingly green natural area with numerous granite formations.

the market square of Windischeschenbach & the Waldnaaptal

That’s not to say, the town is without its charms. It makes for a nice base for exploring the region with more amenities than the other Zoigl towns combined.
There are numerous pubs and restaurants serving commercial Zoigl, not to mention six true Zoiglstuben awaiting your exploration. 

scenic & serviceable if without many sights

For the beer aficionado, Windischeschenbach has particular interest as the self-dubbed capital of Zoigl. With a brewing history dating back to 1455, there were as many as three breweries in the fairly small town. One was demolished in 1563 and the remaining two succumbed to a large fire in 1848. The Kommunbrauhaus at Burgstrasse 1 was built in 1852 in response to the citizens’ thirst. Tours can be arranged in the tourist information center. I quite enjoyed seeing the copper cool ship within. 

brewery exterior

Kommunbrauhaus in Windischeschenbach

The town boasts of fourteen Zoiglstuben but the true ones listed on the Echte Zoigl site say there are only six. Only one or two (if you’re lucky or timely) would be open on any given weekend so you may find yourself checking some of the others out, especially if there on an unlucky weekend when not one was open. In other Zoigl towns, this is possible but I believe fairly unlikely here.

It took me a couple years but I’ve finally made it to all six of the Echte Zoiglstuben in Windischeschenbach. Click on the links for my reviews of them along with contact information and opening times.

Beim Gloser

pub exterior

zoigl windischeschenbach schlosshof exterior
Zum Roud’n