Zum Posterer

homey zoiglstube

An der Alten Post 5
Windischeschenbach, 92670

Tel: +49 0172 6403783

 Opening hours:
Friday to Sunday from 15:00
(check their website for open weekends)

Zum Posterer was the post office up until 1890 and with its location next to The Hotel Schwan and church, the very center of life in town. They have brewing rights bestowed and brew in the communal brewery. They also are only open one weekend per month so aside from not being a member of the Echte Zoigl group, they are very much an authentic Zoiglstube.

 a bustling homey feel

I had generally not sought to visit Zum Posterer in the past as it wasn’t part of the Echte Zoigl group but I’m glad I did a few years ago as it was an eye-opener that not all Zoiglstuben are members of the group. I returned with my tour group the last time I was in town as it was right across from our hotel. They enjoyed the bustling atmosphere and younger clientele. It has a very homey atmosphere and while their Zoigl wasn’t a favorite the last time in, it was certainly decent and we felt it was worth a stop.

Beer: Zum Posterer Zoigl

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