Warmensteinach is a good place to base yourself if exploring the Fischtelgebirge Nature Park, a large area of rolling hills with ample hiking and biking routes to keep you busy. Just 25 km from Bayreuth, it’s not super well-connected via public transportation since the train line was discontinued. While there are buses, it’s probably an area best explored by car. The brewery just up the road in Oberwarmensteinach (Hütten) does not have a brewery tap but the owner’s son runs Hotel Restaurant Birgitte and they have a few of the beers on tap. The two smaller villages are part of the greater Warmensteinach postal code so addresses can be confusing. Don’t get too caught up in it, the area is small but do keep in mind the actual brewery is not where the hotel restaurant is.

Hotel Restaurant Birgitte
restaurant exterior
Helle Glocke 76
95485 Warmensteinach
Tel: 09546-380

Bayreuth Station 25 km/irregular bus service

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday 17:30 to 22:00
Closed Sunday

Though not the official brewery tap of Brauerei Trassl in nearby Hütten, it’s about as close as it gets since it’s run by their son. It’s quite different for a rural restaurant hotel with a retro 70s theme in some of the dining areas.  The rooms are in a similar feel and quite comfortable with modern clean bathrooms. They also have a spa area with sauna which is free to use. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to utilize it.

70s decor of Restaurant Birgitte

The menu varies and on our Friday evening featured some interesting and certainly more advanced meals than your typical rural pub. My wife started with shrimp spring rolls which had a whole shrimp in each. I had deer carpaccio. Both were quite good and though prices were high for the area, the portions were large for the type of dishes. I started out with their Helles. We got our welcome snack after the first course but overall the service was very attentive.

The starters & Hütten Hell

For mains, my wife had char, a nice white fish on top of green asparagus with noodles in a chanterelles sauce. I had ox cheeks in a rich dark beer sauce with mixed vegetables and Schupfnudeln, a starch somewhat similar to Spätzle.  Their Dunkles might not be as popular as their Helles but we both thought it was much better and was priced a euro more per half liter. For dessert, we shared a lovely panna cotta with pureed strawberries.

 excellent main courses at Birgitte Restaurant

Overall, it was a surprisingly good meal. It may have been one notch down from high end cuisine you’d find in a big city but the portions were much bigger and the prices comparatively inexpensive. Service was superb, especially by Bavarian standards. Our bill for two starters, two mains, one dessert, six beers and two Schnapps came to just over €90. The Schnapps was much needed as the food was ample and quite rich. We were both very happy to be staying upstairs.

Breakfast the next morning was again ample and of good quality with more variety than is typical. We left feeling we received excellent friendly service along with very good value accommodation and food. We’ll likely return when traveling that route again and will try to get there earlier to take advantage of the sauna!

Beers: Hütten Hell, Hütten Dunkel on tap. Hütten Weissbier from the bottle at the moment but I believe it’s usually on tap. Understandable since our visit was not long after COVID restrictions were lifted. The brewery has a large variety of bottled beer and I imagine they carry seasonal beers as well.

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