Viereth (Viereth-Trunstadt)

Viereth is the largest town in the greater Viereth-Trunstadt postal code which also encompasses Weiher. If looking to visit Brauerei Kundmüller in this latter small village, Viereth makes a good choice if traveling by public transportation with Bamberg as your hub. It’s on the Main-Radweg, a long distance bike path so a busy place in the warmer months. There are some hiking trails including one that goes to Weiher. Brauerei-Gaststätte Mainlust is a fine simple brewpub offering rooms as well as great value meals.

viereth mainlust exterior
Brauerei-Gaststätte Mainlust
Hauptstraße 9
96191 Viereth-Trunstadt (Viereth)
Tel: 09503 74 44

Opening hours:
Closed Friday
Saturday to Monday from 8:00
Tuesday to Thursday from 6:00 (AM!)

Oberhaid Station  5 km/Bamberg 10 km/regular but limited bus service

Output: 700 HL

Founded in 1848, this traditional country inn has rooms and is well-located for those doing the long distance biking path that runs through the village. It also has some of the friendliest opening hours you’re likely to ever find. The pub side is simpler but from the looks of their website, the restaurant is considerably updated.

Mainlust Fassbier & simple pub interior

We weren’t sure what to expect from Mainlust so had eaten lunch before heading there. This seemed to be a bad move as they had a nice menu with some of our favorites on it. The pub was simple but the woman working the bar was friendly and soon had two of their Fassbiers in front of us. It was the only beer on tap and the lone patron in the pub when we were there was drinking the Helles and claimed it was better than the tap beer. Though the Fassbier was a dryish brew with a decent finish, neither of us was attached to it so we opted for the Helles the second time around and thought it was better too.

Grießnockerlsuppe & Mainlust Helles Vollbier

We decided to try their soup, which was very tasty and split a mixed meat plate, which was good quality and massive. I’d noticed they had a Zwickel in bottles too and since the Helles was so good, we tried that to help wash down the copious amounts of cold cuts. It wasn’t quite as good but still a fair brew.

Mainlust Zwickel & mixed meat plate

Overall, it was a nicer than expected visit and now that we know they have full warm meals, we are likely to return. It’s a pretty area and certainly easy enough to get to by bus. I’d like to try the Fassbier again, it might have been an off batch but I know the Helles is good and can fall back on it, even if not on tap.

Beers: Fassbier (on tap), bottled Helles Vollbier and Zwickel

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