Mainlust Fassbier

amber beer in mug
Mainlust Fassbier

Style: Lagerbier

Color: light chestnut
, thinning head
slight malt
Body: medium
dry and fruity, some butterscotch but not overly so
Finish: clean, dry

on tap at the brewery

Impression: I’d been to two new brewpubs the previous two days and both were good. I’d received mixed feedback on Mainlust but it was easy enough to get to and figured I’d go see for myself. Oddly, the Helles Vollbier is their main beer but it’s not available on tap so went for the Fassbier. It came out looking like a typical Franconian lager, a light brownish with a thinning head. It had a pleasant enough taste though there was a hint of butterscotch in there that while not totally unpleasant, might bother some. On the plus side, it was a very dry beer right into the clean finish. I’d like to go out in summer when it’s busier and see if it’s better then.

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