Brauerei Hönig Gasthof zur Post
tiefnellern hönig exterior

Ellerbergstraße 15
96123 Litzendorf-Tiefenellern
Tel: 09505-391

Bamberg Station 14 km/irregular bus service

Opening hours:
Closed Thursday
Monday to Friday 15:00 to 22:00
Saturday, Sunday & holidays 10:30 to 22:00

Output: 6500 HL

Founded in 1478, the Hönig family has been brewing here ever since with some beers (like their Posthörnla) still brewed by 250-year-old recipes. Known also as Brauerie zur Post, a post office stood at the location of the pub once upon a time. I can’t imagine a nicer place to buy stamps, if I could sip one of the sumptuous beers while doing so. It’s a great country Inn with a scenic Biergarten out back. I’ve never had the pleasure of eating here but friends I was with the first time at the brewpub said the simple fare was quite good. I had the lightly smokey Posthönla and Lagerbier that evening.

beer barrel

gravity tap at Hönig is a welcomed if dwindling sight

Recently, I was disappointed to hear the old owner say they only had the Pils on that day, but that was before I tasted it. If all Pils tasted like that one, I’d be drinking a lot more of it. It was quite early in the day and surely there would have been another beer on tap later on. The Pils was from a gravity tapped barrel on the metal bar and there looked to be space for another two barrels if it suited him. I noticed a group of guys getting their beers at the bar and then going outside so took the remainder of mine out to discover the charming Biergarten I’d missed the last time I was there on a cold evening in November

As is typical of these small breweries, if you want a full warm meal, go on Sundays or holidays when a roast or two will be on offer. During the week, it’s simpler fare though you’ll not leave hungry when eating in Franconia.

Biergarten on a busier day & the Lagerbier

I returned in summer to really enjoy the Biergarten and both the Lagerbier and Pils were from gravity dispense. Both are excellent and not sure which is my favorite of the two. If you get to spend some time here, be sure to try their Rauchbier called Posthörnla, brewed from a 500 year old recipe so most likely their flagship beer back in that day. It’s only available in bottles at the brewery but I had it on tap at the Naturfreundehaus in Veilbronn. It’s well worth seeking out.

Beers: Pils, Lagerbier on gravity dispense and bottled Posthörnla, Postillon Weiße.

Hellerbock and Festbier (Autumn up to Christmas)

Beer calender:
Kirchweih is the 2nd weekend in August
Bockbieranstich is the 3rd Friday in October

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