Founded in 1007, Thuisbrunn is a strong competitor to Gräfenberg as the top non-natural sight in this countryside beer hiking area. Though overall not quite as cute as its more noted neighbor, Thuisbrunn does have a very impressive hilltop castle which dates back to 1348 in its original incarnation but has been destroyed numerous times. Climb to the top for fantastic views over the surrounding area.

thuisbrunn elch-bräu exterior
Thuisbrunn 11
91322 Gräfenberg
Tel: 09197-221

Gräfenberg Station 5.5 km/irregular bus service

Opening hours:
Closed Monday, Wednesday & Thursday
Tuesday and Friday to Sunday from 10

Output: 1200 HL

Though the original brewery was founded in 1792, it rose to fame when purchased by the Seitz family who ran a popular guesthouse. Unfortunately, it closed in the 1960s and remained vacant until it was reopened in 2007. The new owners have not only rescued an old brewery but have created a lovely restaurant that serves up great food. A good thing to note is they serve full meals all day so if you’re out hiking on a cold, wet day, this is a great place to take refuge.

Blauer Zipferl & cool krugs at Elch-Bräu

I have to admit I wasn’t expecting much my first time here. It was the last brewpub of the day and we’d had quite a few good brews. The outside seating area was packed but we managed to find a spot. We only planned on having one and catching the next bus back to Weissenohe, where our friends’ car was parked. The beer was so good that we decided to wait for the next one, even if a couple of hours later. I had both their Pils and Dunkles and found them quite tasty. The Blauer Zipferl (pickled Bratwurst) was great, too.

My last time there, I had hoped to eat a full meal but didn’t make it up that far before succumbing to the food at the Weissenhohe Klosterbrauerei. I did have tasty Dunkles once again and tried their seasonal Exportbier, which was good, as well.

I finally got a chance to eat a full meal at Elch-Bräu the day of the 10th Anniversary Celebration and their Schäuferla was right up there with the best. Washed down with their excellent Dunkles, it was a great way to get into the swing of the festivities.

Elch-Bräu Dunkel, a great Schäuferla & the festivities at the Fest

First tour of the season netted me their lovely Nix Amore on tap. I wasn’t sure about a Helles here and it’s not exactly a typical example of the style but I’d surely get it again. I also recently got a bottle of their Thuisbrunner 1.21 Gigwatt Doppelbock Dunkel as a present. 

a love new for me Nix Amore

Beer: Dunkel, Pils, Nix Amore Helles, Weizen
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