Elch-Bräu Pils

Elch-Bräu Pils in Krug & glass

Style: Kellerpils

unfiltered, golden
rocky, white
floral, citrus hops
Body: medium, low carbonation

light citrus, dry fruitiness
Finish: long, dry, bittersweet

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: Much like their Dunkles, this unfiltered Pils seems to get better every season. It’s not a typical Pils, not even of the Franconian variety. Not only is it unfiltered but it’s fruitier than is typical for the style and as far as German beers go, heading very much in the craft beer direction hops-wise. If you have it in the cooler months, you’ll see it’s an unfiltered golden but I generally drink their also excellent Dunkles that time of year. In the Biergarten in summer, they are both served in very nice ceramic mugs with the brewery’s moose logo. It’s a very easy to drink beer but full of flavor nonetheless. Sadly, I’ve never had more than one at a go. I’d like to stay in Thuisbrunn sometime so I can really test it as a session beer.

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