Taube “Kette” Hotel/Zorbas Restaurant

Lindenstraße 14
97877 Wertheim

Tel: 09342 91800

Weltheim Station 500m/Würzburg Station 40km/regular bus service

Opening hours:
Thursday to Tuesday 11:30 to 14:30 & 17:30 to 23:00
Closed Wednesdays

With the closure of the Spessart brewery tap Zum Stern in Keuzwertheim, this popular Wertheim hotel eatery has become the best place to sample the brewery’s beers on tap. From reports, it once had Franconian dishes as well as its more noted Greek cuisine. With a name like Zorbas, what else would you expect. Though the interior is cozy enough, it’s nothing special but the outside seating is quite scenically set on the river so if the weather is nice, it a nice place to spend a lunch or evening meal. It was unfortunately raining my midday visit.

interior & outdoor areas

I was on my way home from nearby Marktheidenfeld so Zorbas was a more convenient stop than would have been the original brewery tap across the river. Though there is a train station, the bus network seems to dominate and it was how I got to Wertheim and how I would get back to Würzburg (and eventually Munich!). It being a Greek restaurant was actually welcome as I’d had Franconian food for lunch and dinner the previous day. Though it initially caught me by surprise, many of the former brewery Inns have become Greek restaurants in Franconia. The cuisine is popular and much as in the US, Greek people seem very capable or running restaurants. I started off with a Spessart Weizen and moved onto the Gold Specht when I ordered lunch.

 a pair of Spessart beers started lunch off

I moved onto the Spessart Räuberchen Dunkel and dug into an excellently prepared order of fried calamari rings. I finished up with their flagship Räuberchen Pils.

 Another fine duo of beers & excellent calamari

It was a great experience all around. The food was excellent and service very good. All the beers were well poured. I’d have preferred to sit outside but rain is what rain is. I would have liked if it had opened a half hour earlier as I was a bit rushed to get my bus and as nice as Wertheim was, I had pretty much seen the core in an hour. Drinking four beers and having lunch in 90 minutes isn’t hard work but you have to be diligent. It would have been nice to get over to Kreuzwertheim but the two bridges were far enough out of town to make it a good 30 minute walk in each direction and buses from there didn’t look as regular. I had thankfully found three of their beers in a beer shop in Marktheidenfeld as there was nothing to be found in Wertheim. Even the tourist information said there were no shops in town.

Beers: Spessart Räuberchen Pils, Spessart Räuberchen Dunkel, Spessart Gold Specht, Spessart Hefeweizen on tap. Bottled Räuberchen Hell. Beware the Dunkelweizen is from Erdinger.

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