Kreuzwertheim (Lower Franconia)/Wertheim (Baden-Württemberg)

Kreuzwertheim and Wertheim are neighboring market towns on opposite sides of the Main River. With such a choice location, it should come as no surprise that formal settlements here date back to the late 700s. The older Kreuzheim appears to have a Stone Age history with artifacts from the period discovered in the area. Wertheim, however, is the better preserved and is probably of more interest to the average tourist, though few non-German ones probably make it this far on the Main unless on a cruise. Its fairly intact medieval core is charming and its top attraction, a hilltop 14th century castle sits majestically above the famed river below.

 charming Wertheim

The beer tourist, however, is more likely to be drawn to Kreuzheim, as it is home to the Lower Franconian Spessart Brauerei. Unfortunately, from my research, none of the restaurants in town serve their beer and across the river in Baden-Württemberg, the Kette Tauber is listed as its unofficial brewery tap. It was handy that the best photos of the actual brewery can be taken on this side of the river too.

Spessart Brauerei

Tauberhotel Kette/Zorbas Restaurant
brewpub sign, restaurant exterior, bridge with brewery sign

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