dive bar exterior
Obere Königstraße 34
96052 Bamberg

Bamberg station 700m

Opening hours:
I see from 13:00 to 18:00 on Google Maps (and just about everywhere else) but I’d say don’t go before 21:00 to be safe. I’ve certainly never seen it open during the day.

Strawanza is perhaps the quirkiest of Bamberg’s pubs and would qualify in its own self-proclaimed dive bar category.  There’s some seating along the wall and a couple of tables in the back but the main action seems to be at the bar where the owner holds court and pours from the barrel. These change and are advertised on a chalk board. On the night we were there, he had Schroll’s Trüber Hammel Pilsner from Nankendorf. Yes, you aren’t going to see this much of anywhere and reason alone for going. If you’re looking for a nightcap, look no further.

darkly atmospheric

I popped in again to find what was labeled Hübner Keller Pils but I believe it was their staple Zwickel Pils. No matter, it was a lovely soft citrusy brew and happy to find it.

always a nice surprise at Strawanza

I missed the Mönchambacher Weihnactsbock Anstich in 2022 so was happy to find out that Strawanza had it from the barrel for three nights, two of which coincided with my birthday visit to Bamberg. It was in great form and by going early, we had the bar nearly to itself. It ran out pretty quickly once the pub filled up but I’d had my fill by then!

unfiltered amber beer

Mönchsambacher Weihnachtsbock

Beers: one changing beer from gravity, assorted bottles

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