St. GeorgenBräu

buttenheim st. georgen bräu exterior
Marktstraße 12
96155 Buttenheim
Tel: 09545-4460

Opening hours: (brewery is still open, the restaurant is currently closed)
Closed Tuesday
Daily from 10:00

Buttenheim Station 1.5 km

Output: 100000 HL

Founded in 1624, this brewery was once in the same family as Löwenbräu just next door but was sold in 2009 and seems to have made a smooth transition. It remains a family business, albeit a large one considering their reach around Franconia. It’s perhaps the most known Kellerbier in Franconia and quality remains high. It’s a credit to the town that two places of their size can not only exist but thrive, neighbors no less.  Both restaurants seem to do very well and both have rooms available. With all the beers you could sample, it’s certainly a worthwhile overnight stop.

The last time here, I had a wonderful duck breast with a massive dumpling in a great sauce.  There was a side of Wirsing, a creamed  savoy cabbage popular in Franconia and a nice departure from the more typical red cabbage generally served with duck.  I had the Kellerbier but also a Pils and a Landbier Dunkles from a bottle.  The latter two were good but must say, if you’re only having one, go for the Kellerbier!

Tasty duck & Dunkles

I recently picked up their oddly amber Hellerbock and quite liked it even if unusual for the style. I also later got their tasty Winterbier.

tasty cold winter treats

Beers: St. GeorgenBräu Pilsner, St. GeorgenBräu Helles, St. GeorgenBräu Kellerbier, St. GeorgenBräu Weißbier, St. GeorgenBräu Landbier, St. GeorgenBräu Goldmärzen, Levi-Bier.

Beer calendar:
Annafest-Bier from May
Dunkler Doppelbock from October
Festbier from October
Heller Bock from October
Buttenheimer Hopfenzupfer from October
Kirchweih is in August
Bockbieranstich is in October
Winterbier in winter 😉

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