Schleicher Bräustübla

Kaltenbrunn is a small unremarkable village on the edge of the slightly larger Itzgrund and part of its postal code. It’s unlikely you’d notice or even be driving through it. The sole reason to venture here is for a meal at the Bräustübla, the town’s outlet for Brauerei Schleicher’s beers which is just up the street.

Wirtsgasse 4
96274 Kaltenbrunn (Itzgrund)
Tel: 09533 98 20 96

Bad Staffelstein station 12 km/Coburg station 19km (regular buses from Coburg)

Opening hours:
Friday to Sunday from 17:00
Closed Monday to Thursday

Output: 5000 HL

In the same family since its founding in 1880, Brauerei Schleicher is just steps up the road from its busy little Bräustübla. From photos, it’s topped with a stork nest and is noted as a solar brewery producing a full range of traditional beers. The restaurant was closed for a few years and is now open only on weekend evenings but seems to be doing well. I missed the actual brewery as there was some renovation going on next to the Bräustübla of what appears the original old brick brewery. It’s unlikely brewing would shift here but it’s a fine old building and whatever their plans are for it, it’s admirable to return it to its former glory.

cozy Bräustübla & old brewery building

We all opted for the Landbier, a primarily malty brew which our driver and I concluded could have used a bit more hops but it was certainly a serviceable country beer.

Itzgrunder Landbier & cute Biergarten

The beer was a good match to the small menu with most of us opting for the unbreaded Schnitzel in a mushroom sauce with Bratkartoffeln. The latter were excellent and came with everything. Nice to see what is becoming increasingly rare so popular. The sauce was a little on the peppery side for me but it was all great quality.

 a tasty meal, their Kaltenbruner Vollbier & schnitt of their Storchen Pils

Though a rushed visit, I knew I’d not likely be back anytime soon and went for their Vollbier which was a bit lackluster and also a quick Schnitt of their Storchen Pils, perhaps the best on offer.

I picked up a bottle of their Rauchbier and it was a nice lightly smoky brew. I also noticed looking at my old reviews that I’d had their Bock and might try to return for the Anstich in October, if my driver will make the journey again. We both forgot to get Bierdeckels so not unlikely. I’d also like to experience the beers without having been to five breweries just before arriving!

 some bottles back home

Beers: Schleicher Kaltenbruner Pils, Schleicher Itzgrunder Landbier, & Schleicher Helles Vollbier on tap plus seasonal Bock. Bottled Rauchbier & Storchen Bier. 

Beer calendar:
Schleicher Bock from November to March

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