schlüsselfeld schuebel keller exterior

Weinberg 1
Schlüsselfeld 96132
Tel: 09552 320

Opening hours:
Closed Monday through Thursday
Open Friday & Saturday from 5:00 PM
Open Sunday & Holidays from 2:00 PM
May to the end of September

This is an idyllic little local Bierkeller on the edge and with views of the town. They have simple meals similar to the mother brewery in town and obviously serve their beers, as well. It was unfortunately not open the day I took the short walk out to see it.

Scheubel-Keller has nice views of Schlüsselfeld

It was a holiday (Maria Himmelfahrt or Assumption of Mary) but not an overly popular one. It is date set while most of the other Catholic holidays fall on Mondays or Thursdays. Perhaps, these are the holidays the Keller is open on. I hope to get back out there when it’s open as these small Bierkellers are closing down at an alarming rate. It’s hard for a small brewery to maintain two outlets in the same town.  If in town, please head out and use it while you can and support the Scheubel tradition.

Beers: Stern-Bräu Vollbier

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