Weinberg 1
Schlüsselfeld 96132
Tel: 09552 320

Opening hours:
Sundays 14:00 to 22:00
May to the end of September in good weather

This is an idyllic little local Bierkeller on the edge of Schlüsselfeld with views of the town. They have simple meals similar to the nearby mother brewery and not only do they serve the Stern-Bräu beer but they do it gravity dispense. This makes it a must for anyone in the area on a Sunday afternoon as that is the only day it’s currently open. It was unfortunately not open the first time I was in town but I finally made it on a Sunday in August of 2023. I sure hope it doesn’t take me that long to return. 

very happy to see beer from the barrel

I’d heard the Stern-Bräu Vollbier flowed from the barrel but until you actually see it, you’re always skeptical so I was very happy to find it freshly tapped as I arrived at opening. I’d just had one at their pub prior to it closing and can attest that it is even lovelier sans the extra carbonation. It was quite empty and the owner was enjoying the tranquility himself. There was a small playground and a cool little slide from the Bierkeller hill down into the field below. It’s a really authentic Keller and a great place to enjoy an incredible beer.

a truly authentic Keller

Though I’d eaten a light lunch in town at the Schwarzer Adler, I was peckish and knew I had a long trip back to Munich so I got a plate of Sülze with raw onions and vinegar. It came with some nice fresh bread, another increasingly rare find in Franconian Kellers. The Brotzeit selection was typical but all freshly prepared by the owner’s wife and very fairly priced.  I’d go here every Sunday if I lived closer.

tasty Sülze in a serene setting

I could have spent hours here but with only one bus out on Sunday, I didn’t have that option. I think next time I’d plan on spending the night in Schlüsselfeld. It’s that good of a Bierkeller. Below are some photos from my first visit when it was closed.

Scheubel-Keller has nice views of Schlüsselfeld

This is the kind of increasingly rare small authentic Bierkeller which are closing down at an alarming rate. It’s hard for a small brewery to maintain two outlets in the same town when they no longer utilize the Kellers for lagering their beer.  So, if in Schlüsselfeld, please head out and use it while you can and support the Scheubel tradition.

Beers: Stern-Bräu Vollbier from gravity dispense 

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