old pub exterior

Lichtenfelser Str. 10
96224 Burgkunstadt

Tel: ?

Burgkunstadt Station 650m

Opening hours: ?

I had stopped by Günther-Bräu expecting a tasting room but was told that was not the case. They suggested Royal to find their beer on tap. I wandered around the charming enough town and did see one other place with their beer, but it was closed. So, happy to find this one open. They had Günther-Bräu Pilsner on tap and I’ll have to say I’m not sure I’ve ever enjoyed a beer more.

so happy to see this sign & beer

The place was under heavy renovation which the bartender explained to me as well as their not having food. I had some with me but she said it wasn’t allowed. Oh well, I finally got my beer and ate my sandwich on the train!

Beers: Günther-Bräu Pilsner on tap. Bottled: Günther-Bräu Schwarzbier

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