Röttenbach (bei Erlangen)

pub exterior

Brauerei Sauer & Restaurant Hopfenhaus
Hauptstraße 45
91341 Röttenbach
Tel: 09195-79 10 (Sauer)
Tel: 09195-998 55 44 (Hopfenhaus)


Erlangen station 12km/regular bus service

Opening hours:
Wednesday to Saturday  11:30-14:00 & 17:00-21:00
Sundays & holidays 11:30-14:00 & 17:00-20:00
Closed Monday & Tuesday

Output: 3000 HL

Founded in 1871 and still run by the Sauer family, they’ve gone through some changes in the last 20 years but to survive that’s what you sometimes have to do. The old pub in front of the brewery has been converted into a more upscale restaurant and is run by another family. Those looking for old world Franconia will have to go elsewhere but if you’re looking for a good meal and to drink the Sauer beers locally, the Hopfenhaus is the place to go. They have an eclectic menu featuring rib nights in summer, burgers and Fish & Chips. Their signature dish is ox cheeks in a beer sauce.

interior or Hopfenhaus & its Biergarten

I hadn’t heard much about the Sauer beers but the restaurant sounded good and Röttenbach is well-connected by bus from Erlangen so I did a quick lunch excursion.  The weather wasn’t so great so the Biergarten was out but I was, however, greeted by three storks atop the brewery’s chimney.

stork greeting at Brauerei Sauer

I was disappointed to find out that not only were none of the Sauer beers currently on tap but their Dunkles had been replaced by one from the nearby Blauer Löwe. I hope this is just a post COVID situation and that it reverts back to all Sauer beers on tap. I started off with their Export which I quite liked and decided on the Cordon Bleu with spent grain in the coating. The side salad was quite a few steps up from your average Franconian village one.

tasty Export & Cordon Bleu

I finished up with the only other Sauer beer they had, a hoppy Pils. I quite enjoyed both the beer and food but found the prices a bit inflated. I guess being so closed to Erlangen has a lot to do with that. I was surprised that a higher end restaurant right in front of a brewery wouldn’t use logo glassware and I had to ask for the bottle rather than have it presented with the glass. It’s a small thing but it shows they are not promoting the beer. The server said the Blauer Löwe and Sauer beers were “the same.” This had me thinking the two breweries had merged which I haven’t subsequently found any proof of.

some of the bottles which got me here

The plus of their only having two beers was I got in and out in an hour to catch the next bus to Erlangen. It didn’t leave me any time to go take pictures of the actual brewery but I guess the storks are the highlight anyway.  I would return with my wife for a meal if we were in transit with a car but probably not unless the beers are back on tap. I’d certainly pick up bottles of their beer if I saw them at a shop.

The old Sauer Keller a few blocks back from the brewery is sadly permanently closed. Again, I wanted to have a peek but there wasn’t the time. The Zeckerner Keller in nearby Zeckern has the Sauer Kellerbier on tap.

Beers: Sauer Export, Sauer Pils, Blauer Löwe Dunkel, Blauer Löwe Weizen all currently in bottles

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