Pretzfeld is a useful town for jumping off into the Fränkische Schweiz(Little Switzerland of Franconia). It’s on a railway line from Forchheim to Ebermannstadt and while both of those towns would probably make a better base, it is closer to the park itself and more importantly, within walking distance to some fine small breweries. Conveniently, they have one right in town, too.

Egloffsteiner Straße 19
91362 Pretzfeld
Tel: 09194 72 50 25
Opening hours:
Closed Monday to Thursday
Friday to Sunday from 9:30 to 8:00 (food all day on Saturday and Sunday)
Pretzfeld Station 450 meters/regular trains from Forchheim take 15 minutes
Output: ?
Founded in 2008, Nikl Bräu is certainly one of the new players and quite an adept one at that. Though open only on weekends, it’s very popular due to its great mix of tradition and modern ideas when it comes to experimentation.  They converted an old farmhouse and if you walked in, you’d swear this was one of the old timers on the Franconian brewing scene.  Their Zwickl and Dunkles are well-made and traditional in flavor.  They may lack a bit of depth but are certainly a quaffable duo.  They also have many seasonals and craft beer offerings. That along with a full menu of food available all day on weekends is what draws the crowds.
I’ve only been there once and it was after a long day of walking and brewery visits so didn’t get any photos of the marvelous farm restoration so will be returning hopefully soon to rectify that.  I had also eaten at both of my previous brewery visits earlier in the day so only had a plate of fairly tasty Bratwurst while there.   They had quite a few craft beers available in bottles but they did have a seasonal smoked bock on tap, which was quite nice and a low carbonation if high octane easy drinker. I finally got to try their Michala, a fine Dunkles. Though it paled in comparison to the beers I had drunk earlier in the day, those were two incredibly good beers at Penning and Drummer. It was a very nice beer with the Bratwurst nonetheless.

Smoked Bock, Michala & Bratwurst
Beers: Nikl-Zwickl, Michala (Dunkles), Weiße Eule are all on tap, IPA, Rauchbock, Ale-Biere, Bockbiere.
Beer calendar:
Bockbieranstich is the third Saturday in October
Changing seasonals
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