Pretzfelder Keller

On the Kirschenweg
91362 Pretzfeld
Tel: 09194 72 50 25

Pretzfeld Station 1.5km/regular trains from Forchheim take 15 minutes

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 16:00
Saturday, Sunday & holidays from 11:00

The Pretzfelder Keller has always been one of the top Kellers in Franconian but that was despite their beer rather than because of it. It has perhaps the top view of all Kellers with the Walberla looming. There is a good mix of sunny spots and lush atmospheric ones in the dense forest it is set in. Local favorite Nikl-Bräu has stepped in to now serve the kind of beer which the great location has always deserved.

 Scenes from the Pretzfelder Keller

It didn’t take me long after the conversion to Nikl-Bräu to give the brewery’s beer another try and to see how they were running the noted Bierkeller. I can easily say they’ve surpassed my expectations and from the crowds, it seems everyone agrees. It was quite a hot day when I did the short but steep walk up. It’s a scenic route and it makes the beer taste even better. I started off with a very refreshing Weiße Eule. I wasn’t overly hungry as I’d had lunch but decided to have some food as I knew I’d sample all of their beers.  It was Friday so their special is Steckerlfisch but I routinely get that in Munich so I opted for a smoked trout, which was quite tasty. Their bread is excellent and that is becoming an increasingly hard to thing to find. The Michala Kellerbier was much better than I’d remembered and seemed a tad darker too.

a nice smoked trout & their tastier than ever Michala

Most were drinking their Zwickl so I decided to give it a go as I’d found it a bit simple a few years earlier. It was very refreshing and hoppier than the beer I’d had in the past. That said, it was perhaps a notch below the dark beer. My wife was working that afternoon but when I told her about the Keller and she saw the pictures, she wanted to go so badly we hit in on the way back to Munich. We had to carry all our stuff but it was thankfully a bit cooler. We got lightly rained on a few times but it was warm enough to not be a problem.  She loved the Michala and thought the bread and her Bratwurst were great too. I had Dosenwurst and it was an ample portion and again of great quality.

 two more tasty treats at Pretzfelder Keller

Suffice it to say, I’ll think we’ll be back again soon. I know I won’t have to force my wife. She now claimed it to be her favorite Keller.

Beers: Nikl-Zwickl (listed also as Helles Kellerbier), Michala (listed also as Dunkles Kellerbier), Weiße Eule are all on tap. Assorted bottled specialty beers.

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