This is probably the cutest village on the Bierquellenweg and makes a good base for doing the hike. While the brewery is my least favorite on the circuit, it does have good food and offers overnight accommodation.

Brauerei Kürzdörfer
lindenhardt kürzdorfer exterior
Brauhausgasse 3
95473 Creussen-Lindenhardt
Tel: 09246-221

Creussen 8 km

Opening hours:
Closed Monday
Tuesday to Friday 17:00 to 21:00
Saturday, Sunday and holidays 11:00 to 21:00 (food pause between 13:30 & 16:00)

Output: 1100 HL

Founded in 1866, it’s surely not likely that this log cabin brewpub that stands today was in use back them but it’s cute enough none-the-less. Full meals seem to be on offer at all times and the place sure seems popular with diners.  The inside is verging on kitsch but cozy enough. The outside seating has a nice rural view with horses even on parade. It’s a nice sunny spot to enjoy a beer before tackling the dense forest en route to Weiglathal.

my buddy after a long day of travel & their Flammkuchen

First time here, I had a nice Flammkuchen. Think German pizza, with smoky ham. It was quite good. I had both the Landbier Dunkel and Vollbier and the former was by far my favorite. Second time in, I only had time for a small Dunkles as was walking from Pegnitz to Hintergereuth.

Kürzdörfer Landbier Dunkel & Vollbier

Tried to get in for lunch in November 2023 to sample their Bock but the place was booked out so was happy to see it in a shop in Bayreuth. While not in the Gradl league, it’s a nice Dunkler Bock.

Kürzdörfer Bockbier dunkel

Beers: Lindenhardter Vollbier, Lindenhardter Landbier Dunkel
Beer calendar:

  • Bockbier from the middle of November until it runs out
  • Kirchweih is the last Sunday in September

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