Kösseine 1
95632 Wunsiedel
Tel: 092322061
Rooms available

Waldershof station 10 m/bus service to Kössain (40 min/2 km hike from there)

Opening hours:
Closed Monday & Tuesday in winter (open Tuesday May to through September)
Wednesday to Saturday 10:00 to 22:00 (food until 20:00)
Sunday 10:00 to 18:00 (food until 17:00)
Holidays 10:00 t0 20:00 (food until 19:00)

The Kösseinhaus is a great rustic hut located on the Kösseine peak in the Fichtelbebirge Nature Park. It can only be reached on foot from numerous parking lots within the park or further afield on long distance hiking routes. The closest lots involve hiking 2-3 kilometers on fair but uphill paths. There has been a weatherproof hut in this place since 1805 but the current structure was built in 1898 and totally renovated for its 100th anniversary. The hut is surprisingly large and while rustic, quite cozy. Full warm meals are served every day, year round.  Since the closure of the Ratsstuben in Wunsiedel, this is probably the best place to sample the local Hönicka Bräu beers on tap. It’s certainly the most scenic!

a rustic but cozy Köseinehaus

It was a bleak day when we stopped but decided to hike up nonetheless and were glad we did. It’s a great forest trail and the rewards of the cozy inn are numerous. Even in less than ideal weather, it is a destination unto itself. Their menu has a Czech flare due to its proximity and its tenants being Czech. They had a full menu plus Easter Monday specials. We both started with a very tasty Knoblauchsuppe (garlic soup), the best we’ve ever had outside of Czechia. I then went for a very tasty Hönicka Landbier hell and the Lammkeulenbraten (roast leg of lamb).

numerous rewards at the Kösseinehaus

My wife wisely went for the beer Goulash, somethings always good in Czechia and I moved onto the Hönicka Zoigl. I generally shy away from commercial examples of this “style,” but this was a very good beer which would be better marketed as a Kellerbier. That said, it is in an area very close to the Zoigl epicenter and I guess it’s hard not to try and cash in.

a very tasty goulash & “Zoigl”

The meals were very big and having dessert was anything but necessary but my wife had spotted Zwetchgenknödel on the menu when we first arrived and I knew we’d never escape without getting it. It’s a steamed dumpling specialty of Czechia, this one with plums. It’s drown in butter so quite rich. I washed it down with the Hönicka Wonnesud, a dark beauty.

a delicious ending to our meal

Service was professional, attentive and friendly. The place was very busy and lively. Many were drinking shots of Becherovka, a Czech herbal Schnapps. We love the stuff and it would have been almost a necessity after this meal but with my wife driving, I wisely declined. If that sentence doesn’t make sense to you, you’re probably not married. Prices initially seemed high but considering the portion size, quality and remote location, they were actually quite fair. There were also plenty of less pricey items and the soup would be enough for many. In fact, if we return and we hope we do, we’d probably get a soup and split a meal…saving room for dessert. I think we’ll get a room too, this way we can both have a Becherovka!

Beer on tap: Hönicka Landbier hell, Hönicka Wonnesud (Dunkles Spezialbier) & Hönicka Zoigl.

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