Kosbach (Erlangen)

The small village of Kosbach, which is part of Erlangen, certainly has its charms and is home to a large carp eating festival each year. Perhaps unsurprisingly, carp ponds dot the landscape and people seem to take pride in decoratng their properties, some housed in historic half-timbered buildings.

Tourists from outside the area are unlikely to venture here unless they love fish and beers brewed locally. It’s well-connected to nearby Erlangen by frequent buses which take about a half hour. It’s worth the trip and time.

half-timbered restaurant

Fischerei Oberle
Am Deckersweiher 24
91056 Erlangen (Kosbach)
Tel: +49 9131 45556


Erlangen station 6km/regular bus service

Opening hours:
Thursday 17:00-22:30
Friday to Sunday  11:30-14:00 & 17:00-22:30 (warm food until 20:00)
Closed Monday to Wednesday (brewery open 10:00-17:00 for off-premise sales)

Output: 300 HL

Though the Hofbräu Oberle was founded fairly recently in 2018, the property on which it stands has a long and storied past. It’s been in the same family for 350 years as a farming enterprise and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the things they farm is fish. The historic buildings have been lovingly restored and the popular restaurant “Die Fischerei” has been open since 2000. There’s also a small fish shop open on Thursday and Friday so you can bring some of their top quality fish home.

 the charming “Die Fischerei”

I recently ventured out on a mid-March 2022 Friday for lunch and was immediately taken with the half-timbered barn which has been converted into the restaurant. I was happy to see they served .3L glasses so I could sample all of their beers on tap. For those driving, they offer draft beer to go in 2-Liter bottles as they do not bottle the beer commercially. I started off with their Hefeweizen and Bretonischer Fischtopf, a very healthy portion of fish stew as a starter. I can only imagine what the size of the full meal version is. It lasted me well into their Helles, named Peterla.

a tasty and filling starter

Though most were heartily enjoying the full carp, I’d opted for the carp filet and was glad I had once I’d finished my starter. That said, the filet was good size as well. The potato/endive salad it came with was excellent. I’d initially thought the prices were high but in light of the quality and portion size, they are quite reasonable. I went with a full pour of their Hofbier, a dark beauty. I finished with the seasonal Lent beer, a potent and delicious Fastenschluck. I was planning on getting a .3L of it as these 7% beers can be on the sweet side but one sip and I was glad I’d ordered a .5L. It’s been one of my favorite of the Fastenbiers this season!

tasty carp filet & two dark beauties

Needless to say, dessert was out of the question despite a couple of interesting options. I was beyond impressed with the food and the two dark beers were worth the trip in themselves for the beer-only-oriented. My wife liked the looks and sound of the Fischtopf so I think this will be a lunch stop together soon.

another fine meal at the Fischerei

I returned in the summer of 2022 to meet noted Italian Franconian beer writer Manuele Colonna for lunch. They had their Dinkelbier on and I found out the Peterla is replaced by the Sommerspritzer as the summer Helles. I’m not a big fan of Dinkelbier so I got a small one and if into he style, it seemed a good one. The summery and quite citrusy Helles was very nice. I opted for a meal size portion of the Fischtopf and it was ample.

Beers: Hofbier, Peterla, Hefeweizen

Beer calendar:
Fastenschluck 7% (for Lent)
Frühlingserwachen 3.5% (end of March)

Sommerspritzer 4.7% (Starts around April 23rd, German Beer Day)
Einkornbier 5%
Dinkelbier 5%
Weizenbock 7.3% (Josefi Day, early November)

Weihnachtsbock “Cyprinus” 7,7% (1st Advent)

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