erlangen kitzmann interior
Südl. Stadtmauerstr. 25
91054 Erlangen
Tel: 09131/810833

Opening hours:
Daily 11:00-11:00 (food to 9:45)

Erlangen Station 600 m

Output: 130000 HL

Founded in 1733 and sadly closed on September 30, 2018. It appears the brewery was not making money and closed down after being sold to Kulmbacher, who plan on brewing the Kitzmann beers at their facility in Kulmbach. They will also supply the famed Erlangen Bergkirchweih. Sadly, the beautiful old brewery will be torn down and condos will replace it. On a more positive note, the brewery tap restaurant seems to be safe at this point and the popular eatery will remain open, hopefully serving the full line of Kitzmann beers. My review below is from a visit in 2017 when it was still brewing.

This large brewery in the center of Erlangen never intrigued me as I saw it as a larger commercial enterprise but after visiting their homey atmospheric brewery tap, I have to admit I was wrong.  Though the restaurant has only been open since 2008, they’ve certainly recreated a typical Franconian pub atmosphere with regard to furnishings and style. It was a nice day so we didn’t sit inside and utilized their pleasant outside seating area, with a Biergarten flair.  Service was quite good and efficient.

They had an extensive menu but my wife opted for the Schäuferla (pork shoulder) and I got another Franconian standby, Krenfleisch (like beef pot roast with a creamy horseradish sauce).  Both were ample and quite good. Prices were a bit higher than a country pub but the portion size was good and it is a city, after all.

Their Märzen & Dunkles complimented our meals well.  Schäuferla pictured

We shared their Märzen and Dunkles with the meals and followed them up with a very nice Kellerbier and a surprisingly fruity but dryish Pils.  All in all, it was a great experience and they have a lot of seasonal beers so think it’s a place we’ll go back to again for sure.

Krenfleisch, Kellerbier in Krug & Pils

We’d heard good things from friends so when staying in Erlangen in the summer of 2020, we ventured back to the Bräuschänke for dinner. It hadn’t changed at all and we had a very pleasant meal outside. I got the Schäuferla again and it was great. My wife opted for the Gebratene Klöße, one of her favorites. It’s left over dumplings fried with eggs. They seemed to have most of their regular lineup sans their Dunkles, which was replaced by Mönchshof Schwarzbier, admittedly one of the best dark beers around. That said, I always hate to see a beer go by the wayside, especially a dark one. I had what seemed a new beer, Kitzmann Original, and found it on the bland side. It wasn’t bad, just nothing special and lacking any original character.

It was nice to get back and check it out but unless we’re in Erlangen, it’s not likely we’d go specifically to eat now that it’s no longer a brewery. There are just too many great breweries in Franconia to do that.

Beers: Kitzmann Edelpils, Kitzmann Helles Lager, Kitzmann Kellerbier 1904, Kitzmann Dunkles Erlanger, Kitzmann helles Weizen, Kitzmann dunkles Weizen, Kitzmann leichtes Weißbier.

Seasonals on tap at the brewery: Kitzmann Bayrisch Märzen, Kitzmann Rotbier, Kitzmann Erlanger Ur-Bock, Kitzmann Wintergold, Kitzmann Erlanger Weißbierbock, Kitzmann Erlanger Bergkirchweihbier.

Beer calendar:
Bockbieranstich is in mid-October
Bergkirchweih starts the Thursday before Pentecost

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