Kitzmann Original

unfiltered amber beer in glass with log
Kitzmann Original

Brewery: Kitzmann (no longer brewing, brewed at Mönchshof now)
Erlangen (actually brewed in Kulmbach)
Style: Amber

Color: unfiltered
Head: white

Nose: slight grain

Palate: malty, slight grain

Finish: clean, semi-dry, semi-bitter

Served: on tap at the Kitzmann Bräuschänke

Impression: While Kitzmann is no longer a brewery, I had only been there once and really enjoyed the food and the beer was better than I’d imagined. Sadly, it closed not so long after that visit but friends had been and said it hadn’t changed. So, when spending the night in Erlangen in the summer of 2020, we ventured over for dinner. The place hadn’t changed a bit and the regular beers were mostly still featured. The only “new” beer I saw was one called Original. I figured I’d give it a try and out came a good looking unfiltered amber beer. It was easy to drink and very balanced but it lacked any real character. I’d stick with the Kellerbier or Pils next time I go and since it’s no longer a brewery, that won’t be unless I happen to be in Erlangen.

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