Hotel zum Löwen


old hotel in germany

August-Bebel-Straße 1
36452 Kaltennordheim
Rooms available

Opening hours: Sadly no longer open as a restaurant as of May 2024

This Inn dates back to at least 1793 and the interior looked very cozy if in a kitschy way. Our server at Zur Einkehr said that the hotel was still open but that the restaurant was closed. I’d written them about staying at Easter and never got a response so I can’t say first hand. All I can say is the sign on the door said it was closed but that rooms and breakfast were available. The “H” was missing from Hotel above the door. I guess that says it all.  🙁

 sadly no longer a restaurant

This was our first choice to sample the Rhöner beers on tap and I imagine once upon a time, it was the most atmospheric place to do so.  Try Gasthaus zum Hirsch if open or Gasthaus Zur Einkehr. It would still make for a good place to spend the night. It would give you a chance to see the interior of the old restaurant too.

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