Heckenhof is little more than a plot of land on which Kath-Bräu stands. That it is perhaps the cutest little brewery you’d care to imagine is not lost on the thousands who pilgrimage here every year. It’s particularly popular with motorcyclists who seem as enthralled with their cake as their beer.
Heckenhof 1
91347 Aufseß
Tel: 09198-277
Ebermannstadt Station 16 km/irregular bus service to nearby Aufsess
Opening hours:
Daily from 9
Output: 1000 HL
Founded in 1498, the smallest of the Aufsess breweries has been in the able hands of Joseph Schmitt since 1976 though the breweries name comes from Kathi Meyer who ran it previously.  The old stone house is original and much photographed. It houses a few small rooms for use in colder months but most come to sit outside and admire the atmospheric structure while sipping on their legendary dark beer.

Their tasty Bock with a great mixed cheese plate
They have good looking and popular cakes but have only had a mixed cheese plate one morning for breakfast on a Good Friday. I’d have otherwise ordered the mixed meat plate but I must say, the cheese plate was quite a few notches above the standard one in Franconia.
Beers: Dunkles Lagerbier.
Beer calendar:

  • Dunkles Bockbier from the first weekend in March until the end of April
  • Bockbierfest the first two weekends of March
  • Kirchweih is the 4th weekend in August

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