Brauerei Forst
half-timbered brewpub

91330 Eggolsheim
09545 8583

Output: 4000 HL

Opening hours:
Wednesday to Saturday from 4:00 pm

Founded in 1525 and in the same family ever since, Brauerei Först and Drügendorf about as linked as a community and brewery can be. Their pub, the Goldener Löwe, is a hub of the village and has been very nicely renovated from photos I’ve seen. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get inside as the openings hours are limited. I did hover stop by to get this photo one time when visiting a nearby brewery in Weigelshofen. I hope to rectify this in 2020.

Först Lagerbier & Easter decorations in Drügendorf

I thankfully got a tip on their beer being on tap at a pub in Forchheim to tide me over until I can get there.

Beers: Lagerbier on tap. Bottled Helles, Export & Keller Pils.

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