Brauerei Fischer
brewpub exterior
Greuth 11

Hirschaid Station 11 km/irregular bus service

Output: Stopped brewing in 2017 (pub remains open but beer is produced by Rittmayer in Hallerndorf) (possibly closed entirely 2024)

Opening hours:
May through September:
Wednesday to Saturday from 16:00
Sunday & holidays from 11:00
Closed Monday & Tuesday

October through April:
Friday & Saturday from 16:00
Sunday & holidays from 11:00

Founded in 1702, I passed through in 2012 but the brewpub was closed so we continued on to their Bierkeller on the edge of the next village, Zentbechhofen. It was a great little place and both of the Fischer beers were excellent. Sadly, it is now closed. (see below for anecdotal review). Even more sad is the fact that Fischer stopped brewing in 2017 before I got a chance to return, recently in 2020. I knew their beers were contract brewed but wanted to see how they were nonetheless and to check out the pub itself.

This was a bit of a bittersweet visit. The interior was empty as it was a nice day and due to COVID-19 restrictions, it wasn’t possible to just pop in for a few photos. I sat out in the very nice Biergarten, where everyone else was. It was easier as it was self-service. I started with the Kellerbier and it wasn’t nearly as good as I’d remembered and it seemed overly flat, even for a Kellerbier. It was quite busy and most people were drinking it so don’t think it was a bad sample. It’s hard to say. I might have left after that but I’d walked a fair distance to get there and the previous village’s brewpub in Zentbechhofen had been unexpectedly closed. So, I got the Rauchbier too and was glad I did as it was much better, especially carbonation-wise. The food looked good and most people were eating but I’d had a fair lunch and still had some walking to do.

The “Fischer” beers

I’m glad I finally got to back Fischer albeit too late. If I were walking by, I’d drop in again but it is on the remote side and there are many real breweries nearby so it’s not likely I’ll be doing that anytime soon.

Beers: Kellerbier, Rauchbier, Weizen, Bockbier (Christmas) on tap. Bottled Lagerbier.

Fischer’s Keller (permanently closed)
Greutherstr. 26

We walked out here from the Kellerberg area near Hallerndorf.  It was well worth it though they were a bit overwhelmed by the crowds so we weren’t able to get any food due to such a long wait time. The beer, however, was great as was the setting.

I just read it has since changed hands. It’s now called Pechoven Keller and they serve Friedel beer from the town of Zenbechhofen (the actual name of the town the keller is in).  It gets good reviews for food and ambience and it’s a chance to try yet another brewery’s beer, making the walk out there maybe even more worth it as you can try it and Fischer if you time it right.

It is now closed altogether. Sadly, Bierkellers seem not as worthwhile as they once were. It’s a shame as it was a nice little place.

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