Gasthof Kauzen (Kauzen-Bräu)


Haupstraße 37
97199 Ochsenfurt
Tel: 09331/22 37
Rooms available

Ochsenfurt station 450 m

Opening hours:
Daily from 8:00

Output: 75,000 HL

Founded in 1809 and in the Gehring family since 1848. Interestingly, the first in the Gehring line was initially a brewer working there but the owner, who had no heirs, put him in charge and later sold him the brewery. It has continued to expand ever since and is now a medium sized regional brewery. The actual brewery is south of the old town center. The Gasthof is their brewery tap.

timeless interior and exterior of Gasthof Kauzen

Though I spent the night at Gasthof Kauzen, I had a lot to do in the area so only had time for one quick beer, their Premium Pils. I sat out front but I would have liked to eat in the pub. Luckily, I got to experience it a bit at breakfast the next day before leaving.

time for a quick beer & breakfast the next morning

Beers: Pils, Kellerbier & Weißbier on tap. Not sure of their bottled beer line-up in the pub but they have a large portfolio according to their website (

Beer calendar:
Festbier              October to December
Winter Wesse   October to December
Bock                    October to December & during Lent

Hopefully, one day I’ll get back and have a bit more time to explore it. I’d have no reservations to stay there again. The room was reasonably priced and the owner friendly.

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