Gambrinus Keller

96173 Unterhaid
Tel: 4915203100484

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 16:00 to 22:00
Saturday & Sunday from 15:00 to 22:00

This atmospheric forested Bierkeller was once one of two venues of Gambrinusbräu in the village of Unterhaid, a short stroll downhill. Oddly enough, that pub was one of my first encounters with a village brewpub, though unbeknownst to be at the time (around 2003), it had ceased brewing in 2000 after 500 years. I’d heard the Keller was nice but wasn’t overly enthused about it serving Reckendorfer beers but after enjoying the nearby Hannla Keller, I figured I should try to make my way here.

 tasty Kellerbier in a shady setting

It’s a true Bierkeller with lots of leafy trees and visible storage caves which I found out are still being used to lager the Gambrinus Hausbräu, which Reckendorf brews for them. Though I’d eaten something small at the Hannla Keller, I decided to have their Kalter Schweinebraten as I was still hungry. It was certainly tasty but the fat along the edges was anything but crispy as you’d like. In fact, it was pretty rubbery and though it could have been a one-off situation, it’s not likely I’d order it again. Now, the Hausbier was another story. It was better than anything I’ve ever had from Reckendorf and I’d return to drink it anytime.

 a fine Hausbier & less than satisfying Kalterbraten

I quite liked the Keller itself. It doesn’t have a view like the nearby Hannla Keller but it has a nice atmosphere and if it’s a hot day, plenty of shade. I’d be happy to return one day if the opportunity presents itself. Sadly, it’s not as easy to get to as the Hannla Keller so I’d probably be as likely to just go there even if I liked this beer better.

Beers: Gambrinus Hausbräu, Schlossbrauerei Reckendorf Kellerbier, Schlossbrauerei Weizen on tap.

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