Felsenbräu Bräustüberl

Kirchenweg 3
91790 Bergen (Thalmannsfeld)
Tel: 09147 350

Weißenburg 18 km/irregular bus service

Opening hours: current tenants closing the end of 2021 🙁
Wednesday to Saturday 17:00 to 22:30
Sunday  9:30 to 22:30
Closed Monday & Tuesday

Output: 30,000 HL

Felsenbräu founder Willy Gloßner was born in the building which houses the Bräustüberl so there’s some history here. This homey brewery tap is conveniently right around the corner from the beer source and has been run by Manfred and Renate Schaller since 2012. Sadly, they will give up the pub at the end of 2021 due to a continued slowing of their business due to COVID-19. Hopefully, the brewery can find new tenants.

 the homey interior of Felsenbräu Bräustüberl

This was our lone visit to the pub and though super happy with the food, we were especially glad we’d stopped once we found out it would close its doors at the end of the year. The owner was very friendly and welcoming. Once a thriving place, we were one of only two tables the day we were there. My wife had an ample and very tasty plate of tagliatelle with vegetables and I opted for a Schnitzel with a rich mushroom sauce and old-fashioned Bratkartoffeln. They only had their Felsentrunk, a Helles, on tap but it was a good one. The owner took ages to pour it but once it came out, I could see why. What an amazing head and soft mouthfeel.

two lovely meals & the Felsentrunk

I had one more Felsentrunk to help me wash down my immense Schnitzel and bought some bottles to bring home. Unless someone else takes over the pub, it’s unlikely we’ll be back this way again but so very glad we stopped by when we did.

Felsenbräu Keller Märzen & Bernstein Weizen back home

Beers: Felsenbräu Felsentrunk on tap. Bottled Felsen Original 1516, Felsen Edel Pils 33, Felsen Schwarzes, Felsen Keller Märzen, Felsen Hefeweizen, Felsen Bernstein Weizen.

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