Felsenbräu Keller Märzen

amber beer in mug with pewter lid and bottle
Felsenbräu Keller Märzen

Brewery:  Felsenbräu
Style: Märzen
Color: deep amber

Head: off-white
, rocky
Nose: rich malt, caramel

Body: full

Palate: balanced,
malty, some caramel, hint of roast
Finish: lingering, semi-dry

Served: from a bottle bought at the Felsenbräu Bräutüberl

Impression: It was disappointing to find only their Helles on tap at the Bräustüberl and it’s unlikely a Märzen would find its way into the line-up but not only is it still brewed but they had it in bottles there. I got a few bottles to go and it’s a lovely one with a deep amber hue and nose and palate to match. The hint of caramel in the nose lingers into the taste before some roast intermigles. The lingering finish is just dry enough to make it dangerously drinkable at 5.4%.

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