Brauerei Göller
drosendorf göller exterior
Scheßlitzer Straße 7
96117 Memmelsdorf-Drosendorf
Tel: 09505-1745

Bamberg Station 9 km/semi-regular bus service

Opening hours:
Closed Monday & Tuesday (unless Monday is a holiday)
Daily from 10

Biergarten open from April through September from 2

Output: 1000 HL

Founded in 1865, this is the sister brewery to the bigger operation in Zeil am Main.  This simple roadside pub has a pleasant Biergarten alongside it. Conveniently locatdd right across the street from the bus stop and if you are hiking in this area, you are likely to be in its vicinity. It’s a worthwhile stop, even if only for a beer or two while waiting for the bus.

I did pretty much what I said above. After a large meal and a few beers at the Drei Kronen in Memmelsdorf, we took the bus one more stop in the direction away from Bamberg. After a beer, got back on the bus to Bamberg, where we were staying.  With such limited time, we got one of each beer on tap and shared them. From skimpy notes, the regular Lagerbier was cleaner.

Lager Hell & Braunbier

Beers: Lager Hell
Beer calendar:

  • Rötla in January
  • Görgla from April 23rd
  • Urstoff in June
  • Bockbier in October
  • Braunbier in December
  • Kirchweich is the 3rd Sunday in July
  • Göllerkerwa is the 2nd Sunday in August
  • Bockbieranstich is the beginning of October

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