Brauerei Göller
Scheßlitzer Straße 7
96117 Memmelsdorf-Drosendorf
Tel: 09505-1745
Bamberg Station 9 km/semi-regular bus service
Opening hours:
Closed Monday & Tuesday (unless Monday is a holiday)
Daily from 10
Biergarten open from April through September from 2
Output: 1000 HL
Founded in 1865, this is the sister brewery to the bigger operation in Zeil am Main.  This simple roadside pub has a pleasant Biergarten alongside it. Right across the street from the bus stop, if you are hiking in this area, you are likely to be in its vicinity. It’s a worthwhile stop, even if only for a beer or two while waiting for the bus.
I did pretty much what I said above. After a large meal and a few beers at the Drei Kronen in Memmelsdorf, we took the bus one more stop in the direction away from Bamberg. After a beer, got back on the bus to Bamberg, where we were staying.
With twenty minutes until the next bus, we tried both beers on tap
Beers: Lager Hell
Beer calendar:

  • Rötla in January
  • Görgla from April 23rd
  • Urstoff in June
  • Bockbier in October
  • Schwarzes in December
  • Kirchweich is the 3rd Sunday in July
  • Göllerkerwa is the 2nd Sunday in August
  • Bockbieranstich is the beginning of October

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