Brauhaus am Kreuzberg

Kreuzberg 1
91352 Hallerndorf
Tel: 09545-4736 or 09543-850625

Opening hours:
October 4th to the end of March:
Friday to Sunday and holidays from 10:00

April until October 3rd:
Daily from 10:00
If the weather is good, it is also open daily from 10:00 in March and October

Closed January and February

Forchheim Station 12km/semi-regular bus service

Founded in 1461, this is a new location for the once in Schaid Brauerei Friedel. The old brewery in Schaid is being used by the new Gänstaller Bräu. Friedel has reinvented itself from an old traditional brewery to a multi-faceted one which also brews a lot of more experimental beers. It’s the big attraction at on the Kreuzberg and everyone goes there and many spend most of their time there.  Others claim the new beers, while interesting, do not hold a candle to their old much beloved Kellerbier.

I’ve been there a few times and have always enjoyed it but to be honest, I like the beers at the nearby Bierkellers (especially Roppelt’s) more and like the more traditional atmosphere at them, too.  That said, they do have a huge selection of beers on tap and I’ve not had a bad beer there, either. The food’s good, they have some more typical beers and also lots of stuff to try if you are looking for more variety.

good buddy and beer aficionado Scoats enjoys Brauhaus am Kreuzberg

Beers: Zwickelbier, Edelhopf, Schlotfegerla, Hefeweizen, Whisky-Bock.

Beer calendar: Weihnachtsbier, Wintertraum, Whiskybier, Frühlingsmärzen, Roggenbier, Dinkelbier, Mehrkornbier, Erntebier, Pilgertrunk, Sherrybock, Cognacbock, Eisbock, K21 and others. There are always 2-4 seasonal beers that change throughout the year.
Kreuzbergfest is the first Sunday following the 3rd of May.

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