Brauhaus am Kreuzberg

brewery exterior
Kreuzberg 1
91352 Hallerndorf
Tel: 09545-4736 or 09543-850625

Opening hours:
Quite complex and changing so please check their website for current information.

Closed January and February

Forchheim Station 12km/semi-regular bus service

Founded in 1461, this is a new location for the once in Schaid Brauerei Friedel. The old brewery in Schaid is being used by the new Gänstaller Bräu. Friedel has reinvented itself from an old traditional brewery to a multi-faceted one which also brews a lot of more experimental beers. It’s the big attraction at on the Kreuzberg and everyone goes there and many spend most of their time there.  Others claim the new beers, while interesting, do not hold a candle to their old much beloved Kellerbier.


I’d been there a few times and had always enjoyed it enough but it never held a candle to the nearby Bierkellers with regard to beer quality and especially atmosphere. A friend calls it the McDonald’s am Kreuzberg with a slew of mediocre beers. I always made a quick stop to check it out but spent the majority of my time at the other Kellers. I’d not had a bad beer though nothing that stood out either.

two very different beers, each failing for their own reasons

Well, that was until the most recent visit. I decided to try their Zwickelbier for the first time. This is a style of beer which is rarely bad and is fairly easy to brew. It might not be mind-blowing but it’s the kind of thing you drink at a Bierkeller. I’d just come from Lieberth am Kreuzberg and had a great Kellerbier so this would be a tough beer to follow. I wasn’t expecting a lot but what I got was a surprise: a sour beer which I hope was spoiled.  My wife loves dark beers and while not the day for it, she got the Imperial Baltic Porter since we rarely see beers like this in Bavaria. It looked promising but again was a dud unless you like rum & coke. I’d not say I would never go back but I’d have to have someone with me that really wanted to go. Otherwise, there are too many other good beers to drink up on the Kruezberg. Note: I returned while running a tour in September 2021 and the Zwickelbier was much better.

Beers: Zwickelbier, Edelhopf, Schlotfegerla, Hefeweizen, Whisky-Bock.

Beer calendar: Weihnachtsbier, Wintertraum, Whiskybier, Frühlingsmärzen, Roggenbier, Dinkelbier, Mehrkornbier, Erntebier, Pilgertrunk, Sherrybock, Cognacbock, Eisbock, K21 and others. There are always 2-4 seasonal beers that change throughout the year such as Imperial Baltic Porter.

Kreuzbergfest is the first Sunday following the 3rd of May.

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