Brauhaus am Kreuzberg Imperial Baltic Porter

black beer in wine glass
Brauhaus am Kruezberg Imperial Porter

Brewery: Brauhaus am Kruezberg
Town: Hallerndorf

Style: Imperial Baltic Porter
Color: unfiltered, black
Head: tan, fair lacework
Nose: whiskey, licorice
Body: full
Palate: malty, whiskey, rum & coke
Finish: sits there

Served: from a bottle at the Brauhaus am Kreuzberg

Impression:  The first beer we’d had, a Zwickel, seemed spoiled but this one looked much more promising. It was as black as coal with a tan head and some whiskey in the nose. The brewery does a lot of whiskey barrel-aged beer so I figured this would be their forte. The first sip seemed okay if a bit disappointing but with each sip, the sweetness took over and in the end, the whiskey seemed reduced to rum and it took on a rum and coke flavor that was unmistakable. My wife concurred. When I told a friend about it, he said if you can’t brew a Zwickel, what’s the chance you can brew a Imperial Baltic Porter. I had to agree.

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