Braugasthof Grosch

Braugasthof Grosch
Oeslauer Straße 115

96472 Rödental (Oeslau)
Tel: 09563/75 00

Rödental train station 50m

Output: 3200 HL

Opening hours:
Daily 8:00-11:00

Founded in 1492 and in the same family since 1802, Der Grosch is quite the enterprise with a large full-service restaurant and the added bonus of rooms being available onsite. The cozy interior and a full all-day menu makes for a popular stop either overnight or just to enjoy a fine meal. The brewery makes an array of well-crafted beers so an overnight stop is certainly the best course of action.

cozy interior of Der Grosch

This was a place way off my radar. Since the breweries in nearby Coburg had closed down, I’d never really looked at the area outside of a one-time trip to Seßlach. Due to  Beerwanderers popularity, one of the social media outlets of the Rödental contacted me and asked why I’d not ever ventured there. I then noticed quite a few other people on social media touting their beer so it was soon a place I just had to go to. Of course,  I then had very high expectations. The original plan was to spend a night there but unfortunately, it was relegated to a lunch stop en route to another location.

Fuhrmannstrunk & Roulade (beer roll) with Klöße (dumplings)

I started off with their signature beer, the Fuhrmannstrunk. The tasty Dunkles paired well with my choice of Roulade. My wife had a Jägerbraten packed with seasonal mushrooms. Since she was driving, I had their Luthertrunk, another malty beer with a slight smoky element. The sauces were very good and quite rich. The Klöße were very soft and almost on the overly wet side. Their menu makes a big deal on their being home-made and my wife talked to coworkers from Thuringen and this is the style of dumplings (Klöße) served there too.  So, while not our particular cup of tea, they were evidently a very good example of the style.

Luthertrunk & Jägerbraten

They not only had a good variety of meals but also some nice sounding desserts, including one of our favorites: Apfelküchle. These are apple rings, battered and deep fried before being dipped in sugar. It’s generally served with vanilla ice-cream and fresh whipped cream. This was a great plate of it and also allowed me to try their Pils and their seasonal Erntebier, a low-alcohol brew.

Pils, Erntebier & Apfelküchle

While the stop was a bit below my expectations, they were perhaps a bit inflated. To be fair, prices were higher than is typical in rural Franconia. The food was fine if not exactly what we are used to and the beers were all well-made if not Franconian classics. The dessert will be enough to get my wife back in the door and hopefully, we can make it an overnight so she can try the beers too.

Beers: Fuhrmannstrunk, Luthertrunk,Prinz Albert Pils, Zwicklbier, Weißbier (all on tap). Bottled Anno 1492.

Beer calendar:
Erntebier from May
Bockbier from the middle of October

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