Brauerei Zwanzger

uehlfeld zwanzger exterior
Burghaslacher Straße 10
91486 Uehlfeld
Tel: 09163/95 97 56

Neustadt (Aisch) 17 km/limited bus service

Opening hours: Often change between summer & cooler months, best to call ahead
Closed Monday
Tuesday from 16:00
Wednesday, Friday & Saturday from 11:00
Thursday 11:00 to 14:30

Sunday 10:00 to 20:00

Output: 1500 HL

Founded in 1639, this is another family run business which offers rooms in addition to their fine beer and food. Though not as impressive from the outside as village rival Prechtel, its interior is cozier. It’s equally busy and everyone comes to eat, not just for the beer and carp in R months is a true specialty.

I was glad I went into the pub early for dinner. I wasn’t hungry after my large lunch at Prechtel and was tired after my walk out to the closed Bierkeller. I actually wanted to take a nap but figured I’d go down and have a beer to unwind. It wasn’t likely to be a long night anyway.  As it turned out, the place was packed within ten minutes of my sitting down.  I started off with their Dunkles, a peppery spicy brew that I found quite refreshing. Though not often enamored with Franconian rural brewers attempts at craft beers, I noticed a group of young people having one and the description sounded interesting so went for a White Marilyn next. It was a citrusy wheat beer but with a similar peppery quality and very dry palate and finish. I was impressed and it got my appetite going to boot.

Zwanzger Dunkles & the White Lady as an aperitif

I got their Vollbier next and decided to finally give carp a try. I’d had it in soups in the Czech Republic years ago but couldn’t muster any real desire for it earlier in the day. Rather than go for a whole carp, I ordered fillets battered with a beer breading. I figured it wouldn’t be as big and would be easier to eat while taking beer notes.  Well, the Vollbier was excellent, peppery and quite dry.  The carp came out and was a big plate. It was also excellent and I’ll not hesitate to get it again the next time I’m in town.

their Vollbier & beer-battered carp

The brewer was making the rounds and the young people were now drinking a pink beer which piqued my interest. I asked him what it was and decided on the Lady in Red for desert. It was quite sour and refreshing but again, had a great dry finish.  Though more expensive than their everyday beers, they were a lot more reasonable than anything you’d find in the US or Munich for that matter

pink beer in glass with bottleThe Lady in Pink for desert

That should have been the finisher but noticed a Festbier called 1639 (founding year) and since I’d had such a good one at Prechtel decided to give it a try.  It was the only letdown of the evening but sometimes you just go to the well too many times.

All in all, I was worried that Zwanzger wouldn’t match up with Prechtel but it very much did.

Beers: Zwanzger Pils, Zwanzger Vollbier, Zwanzger Dunkel, Hausbräu, Uehlfelder Weisse, 1639.

Beer calendar:
Changing monthly beers
Brauereikerwa is early in the year but with changing dates
Aischgründer Bierfest is the 2nd weekend in August
Kirchweih is the 3rd weekend in October
Hausbrauerfassen is the 1st Friday of each month

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