Zwanzger Lady in Red

pink beer in glass with bottle
Zwanzger Lady in Red

Brewery: Zwanzger
sour fruit wheat beer
Color: unfiltered, red

medium, quite soft
sour, raspberries, dry
Finish: dry, clean

Served: from a bottle at the brewpub

Impression: Another nice surprise at Zwanzger was that along with a nice line-up of traditional Bavarian beers, they had some bottled craft beer entries. I liked my first one called White Marilyn so much, I asked if they had anything else and the server said they had a few bottles of the previous month’s special, a sour berry wheat beer. It was quite good. Some sour beers are very thin on flavor but this one was quite nice with plenty of raspberry and a very clean, dry finish. Again, the price of these craft beers was a third of what you’d pay in any big city so no complaints.

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